Credit Repair for the Modern World.

Improve your credit today.
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How Can We Help?

You don't have to live with bad credit for 7 years, Most of our clients reach their goals within 6 months.

Removing Negative Items

We use our AI technology and our human expertise to help you remove any negative items listed on your credit report.

Collection Accounts

Medical Debt



Late Payments

& Much More!

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Highlighting The Good Items

After we've removed the negative items, we help you establish new positive accounts through our premium credit building resources, highlighting all of the good accounts and giving your score an additional boost.

Credit Building Resources

Premium Accounts

Lowering Balances / Increasing Limits

& Much More!

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What's Your Credit Score?

Credit Scores range from 300-850.

The higher the score, the lower the risk to lenders.

300-619  "Bad Credit"
Rarely see approvals & pay huge interest rates.

620 - 719  "Good Credit"
Rarely get denied and have good interest rates.

720-850  "Great Credit"
Guaranteed approvals with the lowest rates.

Raise My Credit Scores


Complete Transparency.

Review the work we're doing and much more by logging into your credit portal 24/7.

No Hidden Fees, Ever.

& easily downgrade, upgrade, or cancel your plan through your client portal 24/7.

Patented AI Processes.

Our proven process is streamlined for optimal results at the fastest rate.

Credit Repair for the Modern World.

Complete Control.

You're in the driver seat. Want to cancel, downgrade, or upgrade? Easy, just push a button in your client portal and your account will reflect.

AI Proven Processes.

The other guys are all sending generic letters in the mail, Canopy is built directly with the credit bureaus for optimal and quick results.

Goal Reached.

In less than 6 months you could have your goals achieved with a better credit score.
Shall we celebrate?

The only thing you have to lose, is bad credit.
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