Who are we?

A small team of awesome humans, we are credit strategist, financial experts, & tech geeks.
Canopy was born in Houston, TX & has since become a nationally recognized company.
We are the future of credit repair, and the solution for a better life.

Heart. πŸ’™

Our biggest and most important value, is to always treat fellow humans with kindness. We understand bad credit happens to good people, we're here to help.


Canopy was created out of a desire to improve traditional, outdated processes. We have proudly revolutionized an entire industry. Always focused on forward motion.


We know you have goals, We pressure ourselves to over-deliver and help you reach those goals faster than originally expected.

Our Mission

Unfortunate events happen to us all. At Canopy, we don't believe that these unfortunate events should dictate your life for 7 years.

Our mission is to empower everyone with better credit and remove the stress of past financial hardships. We believe that if every family had access to better credit the world would fully consist of forward movement, not stagnant motion.

By creating and perfecting a revolutionary AI process, we’re transforming an entire industry and making better credit available to everyone that needs it.

How would better credit help you create a better life for tomorrow?

Words From Our Founder

Growing up in a low income household, I seen firsthand the effects that poor credit had on my family. I made it my life's purpose to help families across the nation & build a better future for tomorrows generation. Credit Repair is my passion, simply because were able to restore hope in great human beings and help them achieve their goals.

-Rowdy A. Roque, CEO

Trustpilot Reviews

Credit Repair for the Modern World.

Complete Control.

You're in the driver seat. Want to cancel, downgrade, or upgrade? Easy, just push a button in your client portal and your account will reflect.

AI Proven Processes.

The other guys are all sending generic letters in the mail, Canopy is built directly with the credit bureaus for optimal and quick results.

Goal Reached.

In less than 6 months you could have your goals achieved with a better credit score.
Shall we celebrate?

The only thing you have to lose, is bad credit.
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