Our Process

AI Technology meets Human Expertise

We have proven and improved our processes. Learn how we use advanced AI technology to help you quickly reach your goals.

First Steps

We use our AI technology and our human expertise to help you remove any negative items listed on your credit report such as:

Collection Accounts
Medical Debt
Late Payments
& Much More!
Finishing touches

After removing the negative items, we help establish new positive accounts & highlight all of the good accounts to improve your credit:

Secured Cards
Lower Balances
Limit Increases
Premium Accounts
& Much More!

Faster Results.

We have made it easy to get started with Canopy in just a few seconds. Our 7 day risk free trial ensures that the only thing you have to lose is bad credit.

Signing up is easy and only takes a few seconds. Get started today with a 7 day free trial and watch your credit scores increase.

In less than 6 months you can have the confidence of knowing your credit score is excellent and there is nothing limiting you from the things you want and deserve.

Each month we will review and update your client portal with new scores and account statuses so you know exactly where you are at all times.

A scheduled call where we review your credit reports in-depth, answer any questions and create a plan of action specific to your credit goals.

Any negative items reporting on your file will be challenged using our AI technology & human expertise.

After we've removed the negative items, we help you establish new positive accounts through our top-tier credit building resources.